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OLAF® the elefantastic nasal aspirator - recommended by parents

We thank all parents who share with us their story and enthusiasm about OLAF the elefantastic nasal aspirator.

Family Hansen from Hamburg

Technically speaking, we are very faithful customers for seven years and still super satisfied. We bought the first nasal aspirator and now our little Niklas takes care that we order more or less regularly spare parts. The enjoys throwing the OLAF to the ground and then every time the suction pipe breaks. No lack of quality, the pure childish joy in breaking things. Being honest, nothing goes without OLAF. Even for our seven years old son we use OLAF daily, it is often better than a tissue. Our youngest is now 19 months old and has his own OLAF from the beginning. For hygienic reasons and to avoid trouble. I still have one remark: Do you know that the pink tip for newborns is the best of the three tips? For Jonas we still use this, because then you have - what I call it - some free movement inside the nose. Jonas often has the snot stuck to the inner sides of the nasal wings and if you hold the pink tip sideways into the nose, you can remove it well. So it is not just for the babies.


Pia Otten from Essen

Dear Olaf® -Team, I would like to give you a compliment. We use the vacuum for six months, our daughter Neele has, unfortunately, a disfunction of the cilias. Thus, her body transports the secretion upwards. With the common vacuum devices we did not get out anything, but with OLAF this goes super fast. Especially, I think it is great that I could meet you personally on the baby fair in Essen and that we can re-buy each part (after it fell to the ground). I can support my daughter well with this supplement to her normal therapy. Thank you that you made our everyday life so much easier.


Markus Binder from Rheinland-Pfalz

We have seen the Olaf nasal aspirator on TV advertisement and then did research it in the internet. This product has really helped us a lot. We are happy that we found this solution. Our little one can be breast fed again without problems, as she has a free now. This nasal aspirator is really a class of its own and worth every Cent.


Brigi Weiß from Karlsruhe

I am absolutely exited about the OLAF. With the sniffles, it frees the nose from liquid mucus and it also can get boogers out. We use it nearly every day for our kiddies so that their nose stays always clean and, therefore, need no cotton buds or other aids. I can recommend OLAF with best conscience to other parents!


Melinda Gazsó-Oláh from Hungary

When we decided with my husband to have a child, we were in trouble findig what to use for our child's nose.Vacuum cleaner is too strong, tap is too inconvenient and finally, our hand is weak.And then I got an electrical nose sipper which I am loving and I am thankful for this to the person who gave it to me.In the beginning I was afraid that it would be noisy, but my little daughter is loving it. As soon as I switch it on she immediately stop crying and willingly helps sip it. The vibration is particularly a curiosity for her. I use it for the daily cleaning too. I love it a lot and can definitely recommend it to everybody.


Family Pense

Thank you so much for your helpfulness and dedication for getting our OLAF. Finally, we can sleep better again.


Anna Ferenczi from Karlsbad

I became a grandma this year. Our sweetie got a horrible cold. We could convince ourselves that OLAF really frees the nose and that fast and simple. The device hums quietly, just like the razor of by husband, but it did not disturb the sweetie at all. He somehow found it calming, this monotone humming.
The OLAF nasal aspirator is worth each Penny in our opinion. We can recommend it with good conscience to each family, who are looking for the right solution for a stuffed baby nose.