Baby kann wieder durchatmen - dank dem OLAF® Nasensauger
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OLAF® the elefantastic nasal aspirator – tested by midwifes

Katrin Amon- Haag, Midwife from Jettingen

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My first experiences with "Olaf" I got during a visit at a “aftercare mum”. Her son had to go into children’s clinic because of a RS virus and there they had a “Olaf”.
The baby had big trouble with breathing, as he was completely congested. At home, his mum immediately ordered an “Olaf” and there I saw it the first time and was exited about the simple handling.
Also my younger sister had always trouble with sniffles at their 3 kids.
For her youngest she then bought on my recommendation the OLAF and is also very convinced from the easy and effective handling.
My two old year boy likes the aspirator that much that he is asking himself already for the “OLAF” when having a stuffed nose. Up to now, as a midwife, I mainly recommended for sniffles to rinse the nose with saline solution, etc. but to relieve the nose from mucus, I truly can recommend OLAF.
All the suction devices with a rubber ball for pressing on, are absolutely unsanitary and less effective. You can save the money for this.
With clear conscience I can recommend Olaf. It is a “must have” in the baby equipment.

Katrin Amon- Haag, midwife,

Naemi H. - Paediatric nurse in the clinic Erlabrunn on the maternity ward

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Which breast feeding mum hasn’t been confronted with: baby is hungry and wants to drink, but the nose is stuffed. I had the same and did not want to give by child nasal drops or other medicine too early. So I looked for another solution and tested various nasal aspirators. The OLAF nasal aspirator has the advantage that it can easily be taken outside and no power plug or vacuum cleaner is required. Furthermore, I think the tips that go into baby’s nose are very soft, the aspirator less loud than other comparable ones and it is cleaned in a few steps and simple. My child was less scared as with another device. I really can recommend the OLAF nasal aspirator with clear conscience.


OLAF® the elefantastic nasal aspirator is the preferred nasal aspirator for our midwifes and mums.

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Fluid discharges are aspirated quickly and easily.

The cleaning of the depots below the aspirator is simple and the general handling very easy.
With the flexible silicon tips there is no risk for injury - unlike as with other systems with hard plastic caps and manual suction ball, which can cause lesions by too much pressure on the nostrils.

The silicon tip is available in different sizes - adjusted to the age of the infant, baby and small child.

Specially compared to common “vacuum cleaner based” systems, OLAF is convincing. The compact device is immediately ready-to-use and independent from a plug.

Many infants and small children are scared when loud electric devices are switched on and try to find out the source of the noise by turning the head quickly.

This may heavily disturb the use of vacuum cleaner based aspirators. Furthermore, most of the vacuum cleaners are dust swirls and therefore, contra productive for a stuffed nose and respiratory diseases.

Also (and particularly) for being “on the road”, OLAF® is very well suitable because of the little weight and the small dimensions (not much bigger than a digital forehead thermometer) - (try to travel with a vacuum cleaner ...)

Conclusion: OLAF® helps mums and dads with the fast and uncomplicated removal of slimed noses. Our recommendation for the basic equipment for infant care.

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Anja Freist – Doula

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As a mother, breast feeding counsellor and birth attendant I really can recommend OLAF nasal aspirator.
Specially with my work with young mothers and their newborns an aspirator so easily and efficiently in handling is a big help in baby’s life. A slight cold can tremendously affect the breast feeding and is often cause for doubts and uneasiness in the first months with the baby. With the nasal aspirator the nose of your baby is quickly and gently cleaned from nasal mucus. Moreover, the handling is very easy and the nasal aspirator can be used a long time.

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