Baby kann wieder durchatmen - dank dem OLAF® Nasensauger
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OLAF® the elefantastic nasal aspirator - tested by experts

Dr. med. Heidi John-Wagenmann

Dr. med. Heidi John-Wagenmann Fachärztin für Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde, Ärztin für Homöopathie

„Since 2010 we always recommend the OLAF nasal aspirator for torturous baby sniffles.

First a NaCl rinsing, then the aspiration, so the strongly disturbed breathing trough the nose is improved most quickly.

Simple, gentle handling and a better drinking and much calmer sleep are an immediate effect. “

Kinderarztpraxis Dres Wagenmann/John-Wagenmann

Curative practitioner Carmen Reuter

"When my children were small and I was breast feeding, I often had the problem when they had the sniffles that breastfeeding nearly became impossible.
OLAF Nasensauger is finally a working method to get baby’s nose free, so that it can drink properly.."

Curative practioner Carmen Reuter, Karlsruhe

Children’s diseases from A-Z

Quote from the book “Kinderkrankheiten von A-Z” by Dr. med. Isabella Schellenberg and Dr. med. Christian Schellenberg of Haug Verlag, a handbook for parents, under keyword “Rhinitis”:

”For infants breathing is difficult, drinking is laborious and sleeping specialist trade, there are nasal aspirators available which remove the nasal discharge by means of vacuum.”


Quote from the book “Kindersprechstunde” (Childrens consultation hour) by Wolfgang Goebel and Michaela Glöckler, a medicinal-paedagogic guidebook of Urachhaus Verlag.

“Sniffles at very small infants is not harmless and is, therefore, checked and treated by the doctor:
As these children in this age can only breathe through the mouth while cyring, a sniffles can lead to heavy breathing
problems up to blue discoloration of the skin.
Particularly evident is this, when they are breast fed. Hungrily they snap the nipple, draw some sips, swallows nasal
mucus or makes some unsuccessful breathing attempts, lets the nipple go, cries - becomes rosy again, snaps the nipple
again, etc, until they are completely exhausted. Therefore, the nose must be made free.”