Baby kann wieder durchatmen - dank dem OLAF® Nasensauger
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OLAF® the elefantastic nasal aspirator – tested by Blogger mums



„The complete first year of his life, Tom was very prone to infects. He permanently had the sniffles and cough. Olaf - the elefantastic nasal aspirator does not only help kids with pseudocruop resp. chronic sniffles, but all other babies and small children for slight to strong rhinitis.”

The comple article by Marisa Hart of babykindundmeer

Silvana Karpfs TOP10 of things making mums life easier

Silvana Karpf vergab für OLAF den 1. Platz

1st Place: OLAF® Nasal Aspirator

"Without this electric nasal aspirator it’s nothing. In winter it is my favourite companion for cleaning my children’s noses. Specially for babies it is very handy, as they struggle with the mucus. More silent nights are guaranteed!"

Silvana Karpfs Top 10

Blogger-Dad Daniel Birkhahn tests OLAF

„We have tested the nasal aspirator OLAF for over 6 months! We can say with 100 % that this is an absolutely recommendable product, which I totally support! Those who have read my other tests will notice that I always have something to moan about. However, I cannot find anything on the OLAF, which would be against the promotion of the manufacturer!”

Detailed test report on



Foto von OLAF - Nasensauger, frisch ausgepackt

"....I have nothing to complain about, the nasal aspirator itself is really recommendable and so important in the first time for those little wonders of these world."

Detailed report of Karen Schmitt

Blogger Stefanie Affenzeller tests OLAF – the elefantastic nasal aspirator

Foto von OLAF - Nasensauger - getestet von Stefanie Affenzeller

"In our house, is not possible to imagine without the nasal aspirator. Even the 6 years old one goes down well with it. He hates blowing his nose. But with the nasal aspirator he seems having fun.”

Complete repor of Stefanie Affenzeller

Nasensauger Test

A lovely mum of two kids has sent us this video. She had tested in the last 4 years various nasal aspirators and likes to share her experiences. It is very important, that the stuffed nose of infants and small children is cleaned, so that they can breathe freely.

Die Testfamilie

Foto von OLAF - Nasensauger, frisch ausgepackt

"If one of our boys is ill, most probably the other one will become it, too, and both of them cannot yet blow their nose correctly. I nearly test everything that is made for kids ;-) ."

Complete report of Testfamilie

"Sarah hats getestet"

”Olaf is a small, mobile nasal aspirator run with batteries. It looks like a little ear thermometer and practically it fits in the handbag, so it can be used along the way. We had it in action in the last days and already accepted it as a new family member. ”

Detailed report in the Blog of Sarah

"Sush testet"

Foto von OLAF - Nasensauger im Test von Sush

“I think with this device you are well advised with, if you are looking for a high grade quality, effective and well elaborated nasal aspirator.”

Detailed report in Sushs Blog

Nadines Testwelt

Foto von OLAF - Nasensauger, frisch ausgepackt

"Altogether, this nasal aspirator is specially laid out for small baby noses and thus, I personally think, the vacuum power of OLAF is definitely sufficient to remove the mostly thick nasal discharge from baby’s nose. In addition, the advantage is that it does not have to be connected to a vacuum cleaner or a plug. You can simply take it everywhere.”

Detailed report in Nadines Testwelt.


"A stuffed nose disturbs the breast feeding. The nasal aspirator is the easiest way to make the nose free again. The cleaing is simple, just disassemble the device and clean under running water. After this, the child can sleep calmly."

Thanks for the test by Mumyfit.



Foto von OLAF - Nasensauger in der Anwendung

"This nasal aspirator is suitable for babies and small children, which cannot yet blow their noses themselves and forwhom it is difficult to be done by adults. As the suction part is very small and made from silicon, it is found very soft and gentle and cares for the baby feeling well despite the cold."

Detailed report in Baby-Pflege-Tests