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OLAF the elefantastic Nasal aspirator

A-01-2020 - Delivery: 1-3 days

Recommended by midwifes and paediatricians - from the first day of life.

The OLAF®Nasal Aspirator is the secret for calm baby nights. Free baby’s stuffed nose from nasal discharge in a gentle way.

A stuffed nose bothers baby tremendously. Then quick help is important, because within short time the nasal mucosa swell heavily so that a normal nasal breathing is made difficult.
In the first months of living, infants solely breath via the nose, they cannot switch to mouth breathing.
OLAF - the elefantastic nasal aspirator is a highly effective and hygienic solution to get baby’s nose free.
The OLAF nasal aspirator is small, handy and adjusts very well to babys little nose.
The perfectly set suction power allows to gently remove the nasal discharge.
The device works with a constant vacuum, created by batteries.
The nose is freed hygienically within 5 seconds in a soft and safe way from disturbing secretion.
Nasal drops or nasal sprays then can work better, as the nose is free and the active ingredients of the medicine can get in much better contact with the nasal mucosa and the babies can breathe better. The suction time depends on the amount and consistence of the nasal discharge.
With stuffed mucus, it is recommended to use a saline solution beforehand.
With OLAF´s help the day and also the night will become much calmer and more relaxed for the whole family. OLAF - the elefantastic nasal aspirator belongs to babies basic equipment for pregnant women.
The product is CE certified.

1 year guarantee on the nasal aspirator from date of purchase.

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By the way, our OLAF was awarded!

German Design Award Winner '18

OLAF® - the elephantastic nasal aspirator won the German Design Award 2018.

The jury of the Plus X Award named our OLAF – the elefantastic nasal aspirator as the winner of the Innovation, High Quality and Ergonomics categories and got also the special certificate "Best Product of the Year 2017"!