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Payment information

You can pay for your products in advance (bank transfer), or by PayPal, credit card or direct debit. Binder Marketing accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express.


Payment in advance:

Safe payment without needing to enter your bank details. We send you our account details together with the purchase confirmation, and you transfer the invoice amount. The payment is due after the conclusion of the order. The goods are sent after receipt of payment.


Payment via PayPal, with or without PayPal-account.
As soon as PayPal informs us by e-mail about your payment, we ship the goods. The business partner for the settlement is Paypal.



You can pay your invoice conveniently via PayPal. The payment term is 14 days after receipt of goods. For the payment transaction, PayPal’s General Terms and Conditions apply.


By credit card or direct debit via PayPal - even without a PayPal account:

We want to provide you with the safest solution for payment by credit card, and that’s why we’ve chosen PayPal. The payment conditions (time of debiting your account, possible additional costs, etc.) are available here: PayPal T&Cs.
A PayPal account is not required.

You have the possibility to pay with a guest access to PayPal, without registration, completely without obligation and - of course - free of charge for safe payment with your credit card or bank details. The process is quite simple: 

In the “Payment information” field, you choose payment by either credit card or direct debit.
Then you are automatically taken to PayPal’s security server, where you make the payment.
The system will confirm that you do not have a PayPal account: “Sie haben kein Paypal-Konto? Mit Lastschrift oder Kreditkarte als PayPal-Gast weiter”. Please click on this.

Then the field for entering your data opens automatically, as usual for credit card payments.
Please fill in all the fields (inc. clicking the checkbox to confirm the common safety notes for payments via special security server), and then the payment is concluded quickly and easily.
PayPal informs us about the receipt of payment, and then your goods are shipped as quickly as possible. Generally, your credit card is debited within 24 hours via PayPal, depending on the credit card company.

Screenshot der PayPal Einstellungen