The suction strength with 50 kPa negative pressure is optimally adjusted
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Technical questions about OLAF/Guarantee

Is the OLAF® Nasal aspirator CE certified?

Yes, the OLAF® Nasal aspirator is „CE“ certified.

Last update on 25.01.2017 by Goldener ZIrkel GmbH.

How does the nasal aspirator work?

OLAF the elephantastic nasal aspirator works with low pressure and, therefore, creates an effective, but soft suction power. 

You require 2 Alkaline Mignon (AA) batteries. Vacuum: max. 50kPa. Weight without batteries: 145 g

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Are there several steps for increasing the suction power?

No, there is only one setting activating the device.

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What does the nasal aspirator sound like?

OLAF the elephantastic nasal aspirator hums during its work, comparable to a shaving device.

On the Video-overview page we have shown a loudness test.

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My device cannot be switched-on. What now?

Our OLAF has a slashproof switch, similar to the one at a electrical toothbrush. Please press a bit harder onto the button to switch the OLAF on.

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When you turn the device on and off, you'll hear a clicking noise.

This doesn't mean that your device is defective. These sounds are completely normal and do not affect the suction capacity.

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How to clean the OLAF? – Care tips

We designed our OLAF nasal aspirator so that if used properly it will serve you for many years. It’s the perfect combination of quality, functionality and design. To keep your device in perfect condition, please note the following points regarding cleaning:
You do NOT need to clean the device before using it for the first time.
After use, you can simply rinse all the parts under running water, and if necessary wipe the case with a soft, damp cloth. Parts that have been in contact with mucous – the silicon attachment, the cap, the cap attachment – can be sterilised in boiling water or a steam steriliser.
Avoid using aggressive cleaning products such as petroleum or other chemical solvents.
OLAF parts should not be put into the dishwasher, for reasons of hygiene and so that small parts don't get lost.
All damage arising from incorrect use of the product is excluded from the guarantee. For example if parts of the device, such as the battery cover, are cleaned in boiling water. This can cause the plastic parts to warp and the device can no longer be assembled. In such cases, customers must purchase the replacement part from our online shop.

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After cleaning, the OLAF suddenly does not create vacuum anymore.

  1. Nasensauger DichtungsringPlease take care that the yellow-green washer does not get lost during cleaning. It is important, as without it, the can cannot be closed correctly and no vacuum can be created. A spare ring is included in the plastic bag in your packaging. Please also check that the ring is flattened and placed even, not turned, otherwise no vacuum can be created.  

  2. Reinigung der KappeSometimes it happens that the small tube inside the transparent cap is blocked with dried nasal discharge. In this case, please take a needle and clean the tube with it.  

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Die Saugkraft lässt nach…

Please check that the batteries are full. The suction power has measureable 50 kPa on full suction and battery power.

Devices that are sent back to us, will be checked. If the full 50 kPa suction power will be reached during the test and no other lacks are evident, we will return the OLAF to you.

The most common cause for a weak suction power is the battery leve.

Last update on 25.01.2017 by Goldener ZIrkel GmbH.

Where can I get spare-parts?

On our ONLINE SHOP you can order all spare-parts.

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Does my OLAF have a guarantee?

Company Binder Marketing grants on all devices a guarantee of 12 months from date of purchase. Within the boundaries of the guarantee, defects that are subject to a material or production fault will be settled free of charge.


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What is covered by the guarantee?

If there should happen a material or production fault, we will repair, exchange or refund the purchase price of the device.

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What is not covered by the guarantee?

The guarantee is not valid in case:

  • The device was not taken into operation or used according to the operation manual.
  • The device was used or handled in a way it was discouraged or warned in the operation manual
  • The device was treated or maintained inappropriately, specially with regard to cleaning detergents or methods, which cause physical or surface damages.
  • Repairs, adjustments or changes at the device were made by unauthorized persons.
  • The device shows a low performance subject to the use of spare-parts or accessories not purchased from Binder Marketing.

The guarantee does not apply to parts which are exposed to normal wear and tear; they have to be considered as common wear-parts.

Last update on 25.01.2017 by Goldener ZIrkel GmbH.

What are the conditions for the guarantee?

The guarantee starts from date of purchase. Please keep the original invoice, this is used as purchase proof and has to be presented in case of guarantee claims.

Last update on 25.01.2017 by Goldener ZIrkel GmbH.

What can I do, if my OLAF is defect after the guarantee of the deivce has already expired?

If your product shows a fault or defect beyond the gurantee time, you have the possibility to purchase a new housing with motor and pump at actual price plus shipping cost on our online shop.

Last update on 25.01.2017 by Goldener ZIrkel GmbH.

How long does a repair take?

We are pleased to give you recommendation, if a repair will be worth it. If yes, our mechanics will repair the device fast and at a fair price. Our aim is to repair the OLAF and to return it to you within 7 days after arrival in our service center.

Last update on 25.01.2017 by Goldener ZIrkel GmbH.

Whom shall I contact, if my OLAF does not work?

If you have purchased the OLAF from our online shop, then you can contact us, of course.

In other cases (e.g. baby specialist shop, pharmacy, etc) please address to the dealer. They will send the device to us and we will check, if it is a guarnatee case. If yes, we will repair the product or replace it with a new, identical one. The cost for repair spare-parts are borne by us.

If you have other questions, which are not listed here, please contact us ! Your Message!

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