Kind hat schnupfen, was tun?
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Stofftier-Elefant hält Nasensauger

Statistically, more than 500.000 babies are born yearly - only in Germany. An actual survey shows that only 35 % of the parents are aware of the risks of baby sniffles.

Newborns cannot switch to mouth breathing.

It is a problem, keeping baby`s nose clean; we know that infants cannot breathe through the mouth when they have a stuffed nose.

Up to the age of 3 - 4 years, the parents have to care for keeping the small, sensitive nose of their baby clean.

For growing healthy, it is necessary to make sure that the baby can be fed, gets enough sleep during the night and can rest during the day. If the nasal meatus are free, the child can breathe deeply.

Our tip: Help your baby getting used to OLAF in a playful way, e.g. by using a soft toy.