Baby kann wieder durchatmen - dank dem OLAF® Nasensauger
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Operation Instructions

for the elefantastic nasal aspirator

OLAF® is simple to use. Please see below a short instruction for the device. The complete and detailed operation manual can be downloaded here:


Insert the new batteries correctly into the device.
To switch it on, press the button strongly.

Let the nasal aspirator run for while near your child, so it can get used to the humming.

The Right Tip

The 3 supplied silicon tips are suitable for:

  • White for strong nasal discharges.
  • Blue for regular, thin nasal discharges.
  • Pink for newborn babies from 0 to 3 months.

Tips for Using OLAF

  • Check, if the device is in a proper sanitary condition.
  • Be sure that the silicon tip is placed tightly on the top.
  • Put the silicon tip for approx. 3 to max. 5 seconds onto the nostril.
  • With small children, only put the silicon tip onto the nostril in a soft way. Never press it violently into the nostril! Danger of injury!
  • In case of thick or dried nasal discharge, it might be helpful to rinse the nose of the child in beforehand. Your medical practitioner can advise you on effecting a nasal douche.
  • In order to effect the suction successfully, hold one nostril carefully closed during the suction of the other nostril.You can use the device again immediately after a short break, until the nasal discharge is removed completely. Then clean the nasal aspirator thoroughly.

Preparation for Cleaning

  • Take the silicon tip (B) off the transparent cap (C).
  • Turn the cap (C) counter clockwise off the cap attachment (D).
  • Draw the cap attachment (D) carefully off the housing (A). Do not break the sucction channel (G) inside.

Cleaning of the device

The device may not be cleaned with benzine or other chemical solvents. OLAF® is not dishwasher proof.

The dismanteled parts of the device can be cooked in boiling water or be steam sterilized. Please make sure that the small tube inside the cap is free. Remaining nasal discharge may block the tube so that no suction power can be created anymore.

After that, you can re-assemble the device again.

Please watch this video to see how simple the nasal aspirator can be cleaned.

Re-assembling of the device

To assemble the parts again, please proceed in reverse order.

Please make sure that the transparent washer does not get lost, but is correctly(!) placed onto the cap attachment. Otherwise the cap does not close tightly and no vacuum can be created.