Baby kann wieder durchatmen - dank dem OLAF® Nasensauger

How the nasal aspirator works

Handpuppe (Elefant) mit Nasensauger

Your newborn breathes in the first months only through the nose. If a cold approaches, your baby will hardly be able to breathe through the stuffy nose. Babys and young children cannot blow their nose on their own until they are about 3-4 years old.

OLAF®  the elefantastic nasal aspirator gives relief from disposable nasal secretion. It works with soft vaccum and has just the right suction power for your baby's nose. Within seconds the nose will be free again.

The soft silicon tip of OLAF allows a very gentle treatment. Moreover, the aspirator is very easy to use.

OLAF® is recommended by midwifes and paediatricians and can be used from the neonatal period.

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