Baby kann wieder durchatmen - dank dem OLAF® Nasensauger
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OLAF® Soother


Baby items for the first year include the beloved soother (also known as a pacifier or dummy), which calms babies in any situation, helping them fall asleep and providing comfort. The interplay between a moving tongue, strong jaw muscles and a properly curved roof of the mouth is a prerequisite for healthy, blockage-free breathing, trouble-free intake of food and later language development.

All NUK soothers have an orthodontic shape and feature an anti-colic air system. That means that air can escape from the teat through a valve. So the teat remains soft and flat enough to prevent jaw malformation. An additional advantage is the NUK sizing concept. We provide the right size teat for every age group. Because at every age, soothers should adjust to the mouth cavity and therefore to the natural jaw development of your child.

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By the way, our OLAF was awarded!

German Design Award Winner '18

OLAF® - the elephantastic nasal aspirator won the German Design Award 2018.

The jury of the Plus X Award named our OLAF – the elefantastic nasal aspirator as the winner of the Innovation, High Quality and Ergonomics categories and got also the special certificate "Best Product of the Year 2017"!