Baby can breathe easy again - thanks to the OLAF® nasal aspirator
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Business philosophy of Binder Marketing

About the business idea

The idea for the nasal aspirator business came to the founder, when her son suffered heavily from a stuffed nose. Edith Binder, the owner of company Binder Marketing was born in Hungary, her studies took her to Germany in 1992. After she became a mother in 2002, she committed herself to the subject about baby health, according to the motto „healthy babies are happy babies“ .

From the former with various alternative health products for infants, OLAF, the elefantastic nasal aspirator was the only product that remained as core product. OLAF gives relief to babies from disturbing nasal discharge, which hampers breathing badly. Among the satisfied customers are young families with babies and infants from 0 - 4 years.

At present, Edith Binder leads the complete sales of OLAF in Germany and Austria.

Gründerin E. Binder

Why OLAF? – Product information

OLAF – the elefantastic nasal aspirator is positioned as innovative baby product in the premium category for demanding parents.
It presents a technical product and design innovation. The aspirator is also suitable for active and mobile parents - thanks to battery operation -  and fulfills all safety regulations for electrical devices for domestic use and is CE-certified, of course.

The registered brand name: OLAF - the elefantastic nasal aspirator and the logo immediately arouses sympathy from young and old ones. Here it is purposely played with childhood memories. The partly dormant play-instinct of the inner child of adults is awakened and they feel set back to their childhood. From the words „elephant“ and „fantastic“, the pun „elefantastic“ was created. The customer gets the information, immedately a linkage from elephant trunk to aspirator is made.

The benefit is clearly in the focus: a happy baby with a free nose, which drinks and sleeps well and also lets the parents calm down! This advantage is decisive for purchase.

The enchanting childrens book „Olaf’s elefantastische Erfindung“ was issued in spring 2016 as supplement product to the aspirator and helps bigger children getting used to nasal apiration through a lovely and child-oriented story in a playful way.

Familiar creates trust: The aspirator is inspired by conventional forms, such as those of a clinical thermometer for example. The related shape of a already known product suggests the customer that this is a product, which is of the same  importance in the medicine cabinet. 

OLAF convinces with its ergonomic and functional design.  
The brand-added value is also shown in the design; the already achieved design awards provide the brand OLAF with a real profile and strengthen the awareness of the customers for it.

Taipei in Taiwan

Sales  und Marketing

A product innovation requires a very special market development strategy. Binder Marketing work nationwide together with many midwifes and pedeatricians, who recommend the nasal aspiration and thus the device from conviction.

The concept: Competence and Passion

The connection between the creative and dedicated business owner and the technical product make the business concept unique: Edith Binder is TÜV certified counsellor for medical products and certified alternative practitioner for paediatrics. 

Her emotional bond with the product and her customers make the difference. Therefore, most of the pictures used in the website of her enterprise were not just bought from the internet, but show „real people“ that have a real story with the company, sharing the enthusiasm for the product. 

Trust is everything

The company attach big importance to gain the trust of the customers. For this reason, quality labels for trade were aquired, which guarantee with defined quality standards for content and purchase procedure for the integrity of the seller. Thus, the company was certified by Trusted Shops and the EHI institute as approved online shop.

Ethical trade is an integral part of the system of values of Binder Marketing. There is a fair commerce with business partners, suppliers, private customers and employees (in the past even the business relationships with two, renowened companies were cancelled - despite big purchase quantity -, because they did not act according to the values of Binder Marketing).  

Accept responsibility

As an UNICEF-sponsor, the company plays a part in contributing that malnurished children may recover and  sustainably cares for providing children with what they need to grow up. 

The company also supports with a sponsorship the elephant protection project in Africa of „Pro Wildlife“ . This advocates for a strict protection of all elephants and the preservation of their habitat and fights against poaching and ivory trade.

For interested merchants

Company Binder Marketing acts adeptly in the B2C as well as in the B2B field. Counted among business customers there are mainly pharmacy retailers, which have registered Binder Marketing as their supplier and promote OLAF with the PZN No. 02144559 (in Austria  PHZ No. 3329806).

Edith Binder as a direct importer gets the nasal aspirator made after her requirements directly by the manufacturer in Taiwan. Thanks to her years of experience with health products and the permanent controls, the company is able to offer the OLAF nasal aspirator at a very reasonable price-performance-ratio. Company location is Baden-Württemberg, one of the leading economic areas in Germany with strong purchase power.

If you are interested in purchasing OLAF or incorporating it into your range of products, please contact us: we are pleased to assist you!