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Do you know OLAF® – the baby nasal aspirator?

Do you also dream of quiet baby nights during the cold season?

Nothing is more peaceful than a sleeping baby. But although babies sleep a lot, they are easily awakened by hunger.
If a baby suffers from a blocked nose, he or she will not be able to drink calmly. This is because newborn babies in particular, i.e. babies in the first few months of life, can only breathe through their nose and cannot simply switch to mouth breathing. However, there is a gentle and natural method that you can use to help your baby breathe freely again:

Simply free your baby's cold nose with OLAF® - the fantastic nasal aspirator. This is an electric nasal aspirator that can be used to quickly and easily suck out your baby's nose.

OLAF with package and toothpaste


OLAF the elefantastic Nasal aspirator

The OLAF Nasal Aspirator is the secret for calm baby nights. Recommended by midwifes and paediatricians - from the first day of life. Free baby’s stuffed nose from nasal discharge in a gentle way. 
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Our nasal aspirator thus actively supports your child's natural healing process for colds and is a real alternative to decongestant nasal sprays and nose drops in the first years of life during the cold season. Only when you have sucked off your baby's annoying nasal secretions can you feed and put him or her to sleep without any problems.

With OLAF®'s natural help, especially the nights will be much quieter for the whole family despite baby's cold and the healing of your little one will be supported.
So how would it be if you could sleep undisturbed at night during the cold season and not be woken by the constant crying of the baby? Because sleeping without baby cries is better!

Are you one of those parents who cannot sleep because of a cold baby's nose?

Watch this video to see how easily this can be changed with our electric nasal aspirator!


By the way, our OLAF® was awarded!

German Innovation Award Winner '19

OLAF® – the elephantastic nose aspirator has won the German Innovation Award 2019 in the "Kids" category.

German Brand Award Winner 2018

OLAF® – the elephantastic Nasal aspirator has won the German Brand Award 2018 in the "Kids" category.

German Design Award Winner '18

OLAF® – the elephantastic Nasal aspirator has won the German Design Award 2018 in the category "Baby and Child Care".

The registered trademark: OLAF® - the elephantastic nasal aspirator positions itself as an innovative baby product in the premium category for demanding parents.
Please read the recommendations of midwives and the parents' experience reports.
Familiarise yourself with the function, watch the explanatory videos and see for yourself how the nasal aspirator works: Did you know that it is possible to sleep peacefully in the same room with a cold baby?

You can buy this battery-operated nasal aspirator for babies right here in the shop and also re-order the spare parts.
Technical questions regarding the use of the nasal aspirator and baby health are answered on the Service/Help page.