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Do you know Olaf® - the Baby nasal aspirator

OLAF is the secret of calm baby nights. The nasal aspirator is recommended by paediatricians for babys and small children during the long time of running noses. Free the stuffed nose from nasal secretion in a gentle, fast and simple way with the OLAF the elefantastic nasal aspirator. By discharging the nasal secrete, your baby can have a free nose and be fed without trouble. Calm sleep is very important also for small children. This is also confirmed by observations of parents. Have a look at the function and the explanatory videos and convince yourself of the effectiveness of our product. You can buy this battery operated nasal aspirator right here in our online shop and also order spare parts. Technical questions regarding the usage of the nasal aspirator and regarding baby`s health are answered on the Service/Help page.    

Do you also belong to the parents who cannot find sleep because your baby is suffering from a stuffy nose?
Learn now how to free baby`s nose in two simple steps!

Baby nasal aspirator

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